Renewable Home Energy that Goes Beyond Just Solar

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How Can You Save More than 50% On Your Solar Investment?

...And why most solar companies don’t want you to know about it!

The solar-buying experience to date has been unfair and unhelpful to consumers.

That’s because most solar companies built their entire business on aggressive sales tactics & fat commissions. Commission came before commitment to the consumer.

It’s too bad, really, because the truth is – solar energy and renewable solutions make a whole lot of sense, now more than ever before.

Work with a Renewable Energy Advisor - It’s Free

The real secret to solar success is this: Make sure you are working with solar and renewable energy experts, period.

At Energi, we provide customers with a Renewable Energy Advisor – a renewable energy expert with decades of industry experience – whose sole purpose is to make sure you don’t fall into the common pitfalls associated with making a solar decision.

A qualified Renewable Energy Advisor will help you avoid these common mistakes and help you get the absolute most value out of your Renewable Energy choices.

Get the Absolute Most out of Your Solar Investment - No More – No Less!

Together, we make sure you’re only adding what solar you really need, not an over-powered system that lines the sales reps pocket with commission. And not an under-powered system that causes more long-term hassle than you can possibly imagine. Both of these scenarios happen all the time.

We make sure that you’re getting the best equipment, and all of the tax benefits available to you.

But here’s the game-changer, we make sure that your solar system does everything it has the power to do; and this is something no other company takes the time to understand or offer.

This important insight makes all the difference…

Get More From Solar Than You Thought Possible

...With Even Fewer Solar Panels.

Did you know that an expertly designed solar system can be smaller than what the other guys want to sell you? 

Did you know that a system like this can simultaneously cut your HVAC costs by more than 50%?

Think about that… That is a big deal!

The MOST expensive energy consumed in your home is the energy consumed for HVAC. How much could you save by making it more efficient by leveraging solar in creative ways? 

Our Renewable Energy Advisor will show you how you can reduce your HVAC bills by up to 50% (without replacing your HVAC), simply by properly leveraging the renewable energy being produced by your solar panels.

What’s more, when you combine solar with clean HVAC, you qualify for up to 2-times the standard tax rebates available for choosing renewable. We make renewable energy work for Home Owners by looking at the whole picture.

Has any other solar company ever even mentioned that to you before? – that’s because they aren’t genuinely focused on renewable energy solutions, just the most profitable solution.

Our Lightning Fast Free Energy Proposal Saves You Thousands

During a fast, simple Energy Audit with one of our Renewable Energy Advisors, we complete a 10-point renewable living audit that gives you a variety of ways – above and beyond solar – to reduce energy, save thousands each year, and establish a clean energy eco-system like no other. It is Absolutely FREE for the homeowner.

So, before you choose solar – Partner with renewable energy experts, get your no-cost Energy Proposal, and make sure you make the best solar decision possible.

Taylor Gunther
Taylor Gunther
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Worked with Brandon on getting a bid for our commercial space. Received a full white-glove treatment throughout. Brandon and the rest of the team at Energi were respectful of our time and validated our concerns about short-term vs long-term costs and benefits of going solar, and built is a system that works well not only for our current energy and HVAC needs but will also be able to accommodate more infrastructure should we expand over the years. 5 stars for the high degree of professionalism, integrity, and know-how.
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith
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Totally blew us away every step of the way. My sister went solar with a different company a couple years ago and it was an absolute nightmare. Energi on the other hand was from day one punctual, open, honest, and thorough. From the proposal to the negotiations to the design to the install itself, everything was just smooth and easy for us. They gave us lots of updates and were proactive about scheduling things like the install and inspection, and never left us in the dark about what was happening “in the kitchen.” Install looks great (I’ll add photos to this shortly) and I don’t have anything else to say other than that we’ve been thoroughly impressed.

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